Will Samsung remove the headphone jack in the Galaxy S8?

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Will Samsung’s Galaxy S8 have a headphone jack?

Rumors have been flying around the Internet that Samsung is going to emulate Apple by removing the headphone jack in the Galaxy S8 phone. But is there any truth to the claims that the headphone jack is going to be removed?

One redditor thinks that it’s all a lot of baloney and he questioned the sources of the Samsung rumors in a post in the Android subreddit.

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MaxisGreat started the thread with these comments:

PSA: The article claiming that Samsung will remove the headphone jack has ZERO sources listed, so please, don’t get enraged until its confirmed by Samsung.

I was reading this thread and when I checked the sources on the article I realised there are none, yet everyone was taking it as fact. I would like to point out that there is no point in getting upset until it is confirmed by Samsung that the s8 won’t have a headphone jack.

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His comments quickly drew responses from his fellow Android redditors and a long thread followed:

Endda: “Right, but rumors from Evan Blass don’t have sources listed and that doesn’t make them all wrong either.

The only reason why the story has picked up steam is because it’s SamMobile. They’re known to have sources close to Samsung and generally get the scoop on devices/features before anyone else. They have broke a number of stories from the sources they have.

That said, you should always take rumors with a grain of salt. Nothing is official until it’s been announced by the OEM”

TomLube: “Apple lover here,

I would like to remind everyone I was saying the same thing on the cusp of the iPhone 7 announcement….

‘surely they don’t think this is a good idea…'”

PMDP: “/r/iPhone was in denial, bad. They kept saying that it wasn’t 100% confirmed until the phone was actually announced even though tons of similar bodies got leaked.”

DexRogue: “I hope this was a test and they wanted to see what the public thought. My wife has a Note 4 and I’ve got an S6.. I was planning on both of us upgrading to the S8 but there isn’t a chance in hell I’ll touch it without a headphone jack.”

AnghellicKarma: “Same here. I have an S5, wife an S4(!) and we’re waiting for the S8 to upgrade… I’ve had the original Samsung Galaxy, S3, and now S5. If this is comes to fruition, I’ll go elsewhere for our upgrades (S7, Pixel, or otherwise).”

Phire: “The S8 will most likely be launching in March, only 4 months from now.

They need to build up stock before they launch and it takes about a month to ship that stock everywhere around the world, so manufacturing will start 2 months from now at the very latest.

And something as complex as a flagship smartphone takes a long time to design. The design is probably not 100% finished right now, there might be minor changes made if they discover issues while manufacturing ramps up. But anything major design decisions, like excluding a headphone jack or not would have been made ages ago, probably before the iPhone 7 was even released.”

Trinition: “If they support USB-C (or other standard) headphones it won’t be so bad. At least not as bad as Apple.

You see, Apple left only a proprietary jack. A jack they they control the patent and licensing of. It’s not an open standard anyone can freely use. They control it: patent, trademark, and copyright. They can charge whatever licencing fee they want.

So everything bad everyone said about Apple doing it… If Samsung uses a standard, it wont be as bad as what Apple did.”

Jareth86: “Remember when Microsoft removed copy and pasting from Windows mobile because Apple didn’t have it on their iPhone? Never underestimate how stupid companies will follow apple right off a cliff.”

Redavid: “It’s just so obvious that it’s going to happen.

The Pixel 2 and most other new phones won’t have it either. It’s dead.”

Johnibizu: “I highly doubt they will do it especially when their reputation is already razor-thin but if they will, then no Samsung phone for me.”

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Samsung might remove the headphone jack and the home button

As if the possibility of Samsung removing the headphone jack in the Galaxy S8 isn’t controversial enough, the Daily Mail is reporting that Samsung might also remove the home button.

Stacy Liberatore reports for the Daily Mail:

Samsung it set for an Apple-esque cull of ports and buttons on its next generation Galaxy.

New rumors suggest that the South Korean firm has become more accepting of a wireless future, especially after Apple managed to kill off the headphone socket without too much of a customer backlash.

It is also speculated that the handset is ditching the home button for an optical finger recognition system inside of the display – giving Android users an edge-to-edge screen.

The latest news comes from Sammobile who reports they ‘can exclusively confirm that Samsung is going to remove the standard 3.5mm headphone jack from the Galaxy S8’.

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10 reasons to use Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu is one of the best known and most popular Linux distributions in the world today. But there are still some people out there who don’t know much about it. Fortunately, Fossbytes has a helpful article that offers 10 reasons why it’s a good idea to use Ubuntu Linux.

Adarsh Verma reports for Fossbytes:

There are numerous Linux distributions designed to serve different needs. Being an open source software, Linux allows the developers to pick its code and create something new and exciting.

Out of these numerous Linux distributions, Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, openSUSE, and Debian are some of the most popular operating systems. If you’re facing trouble with Windows 10’s privacy nuisance, you can surely try out a fresh Linux experience.

If we take a look at the stats, Ubuntu, pronounced “oo-boon-too”, is the most popular open source operating system. For most of us, Ubuntu was our first Linux-based operating system. That’s why I’ve decided to share the 10 best reasons to choose Ubuntu Linux as a daily use OS.

1. Ubuntu is user-friendly

2. Ubuntu is free

3. It’s secure. Say no to anti-virus.

4. High customization

5. Tons of Ubuntu flavors

6. Supportive Ubuntu community

7. Low system requirements

8. Tons of free software in Software Center

9. Improved compatibility, included drivers

10. It’s open source

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