Why my computer slow? Here’s why…

Isn’t it frustrating?

You buy a new computer… and within a few short months it feels as if it’s running in slow motion.

What the hell happened? Why is my computer slow, you may ask?

Well, here are two reasons… and one simple solution.

The first reason your computer is slow

… is clutter.

Did you know that every time you use your computer, it creates hundreds of temporary files? That’s in addition to the new files you create.

It also stores files from the websites you visit. Things like the page code, the text, the images and background images, the icons, scripts, sounds etc.

And over time these files build up and up. In fact, it’s not unusual for these files to hog more than 1GB of hard-drive space.

And as these files, build up, they very quickly start to choke up your computer. So every day it gets a little slower.

And these files will continue to build up until your computer grinds to a halt.

The second reason your computer is slow

… is a lack of maintenance.

Listen. Everyone who buys a car knows they need to do regular maintenance, right?

Things like changing the oil and oil filter. Replacing the air filter. Fitting new spark plugs. Even simple things like topping up the screen wash fluid.

But did anyone tell you your computer needs regular maintenance, too?

Because it does.

Things like defragmenting the hard drive. Scanning and fixing Windows errors. Finding and deleting duplicate files. Updating your device drivers. Etc.

And it needs this kind of love and attention every week… if you want it to stay healthy.

So those are the two main reasons your computer is slow.

So what now?

You have four options.

Option One: Let your computer die a slow painful death.

Yeah. Not a great idea.

Option Two: Pony up for a new computer.

Definitely not ideal. And certainly not necessary.

Option Three: Take it to a computer technician to fix it.

Now, I dunno about you, but the idea of some spotty teenage nerd snooping through my personal files, photos, and my Web browsing history doesn’t appeal to me. At all.

Plus, as I said above, your computer needs regular maintenance, so you’ll have to hand over your computer to the nerd for a day or two every few months. And that’s gonna be a pain in the arse (and wallet).

Option Four: Let PC Health Advisor delete the junk files and give your computer a full service.

Actually, it’ll do a lot more than that. Because it’ll also tweak your system setting and get your computer running faster than when it was new.

And the best part is, it’s dead simple to use. Trust me, if you can click a couple of buttons, you’re good to go. So it’s perfect if you don’t “get” computers or technology.

And it’s scary fast. Like 30 seconds and you’re done.

Use PC Health Advisor once a week (like I do) and it’ll keep your computer firing on all cylinders and running like new – forever.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

So listen…

If you’re really serious about getting your computer back to full speed, then I encourage you to take a look at PC Health Advisor.

But before you get it, check out my PC Health Advisor review so you know it’s right for you.



P.S. If you opt for Option Three (taking your computer to a nerd), then guess what? He’ll use the same type of software as PC Health Advisor… and he’ll charge you a king’s ransom to do exactly what you could do yourself.