Why my computer running slow? Find out now:

It sure is annoying.

I mean, you get a new computer.

And a few short months later it’s slowed to a crawl.

So before it gets even slower, here’s why your computer’s running slow: and one simple solution.

The first reason your computer is running slow

: is clutter.

Did you know every time you use your computer it creates dozens of temporary files?

And every time you surf the Web, it stores the files from every site you visit. Things like the page code, the pictures, the background images, the scripts. And a whole lot more.

And that’s on top of the files you create.

And it saves these files in dozens of different locations.

So over time these files build up and up. And they begin to slow your computer down. These files choke the life out of your computer. They virtually suffocate it.

The second reason your computer is running slow

: is a lack of maintenance.

Listen – everyone who gets a car knows it needs regular maintenance to keep running properly, right?

But did anyone tell you that your computer needs regular maintenance, too?

Because it does.

Things like defragmenting the hard-drive. Scanning for, and fixing Windows errors. Finding and deleting duplicate files. Updating your device drivers to the latest version. Etc.

And the bad news is:

These temporary files will keep piling up. And keep suffocating your computer.

And without regular maintenance your computer will keep getting slower and slower:

: until it virtually grinds to a halt.

So what now?

Well, you have five options.

Option One: Let your computer die a slow, agonising death.

Nope. Not a good option.


Option Two: Shell out on a new computer.

Again, not ideal. Unless you’ve got money to burn.

Option Three: Try and fix it yourself.

All I’ll say is, be very careful. Because one wrong move and your computer is toast.

Option Four: Give it to a computer technician and get him to fix it.

Hmmm: now I dunno about you, but I don’t fancy the idea of some geek snooping through my personal files, my photos, or my Web browsing history.

Plus, like I said above, your computer needs regular maintenance. So handing over your computer to a geek every few months will get costly, real fast.

Option Five: Let PC Health Advisor delete the junk files and give your computer a full service.

But there’s more – because it’ll also tweak your computer’s system settings so it runs faster than when it was new.

It’s also really easy to use. If you can click a couple of buttons, you’re good to go. So it’s ideal if you get flustered by technology.

It’s also really fast. It takes about 30 seconds to do what would take a geek an entire day to do.

So with a few simple clicks PC Health Advisor can quickly get your computer running like new again.

Doesn’t that sound cool?

So listen:

Your computer’s running slow. You’d like it to run faster. And you know it can be fixed with a few simple mouse clicks.

And that’s why you’re going to love PC Health Advisor.

But before you get it, check out my PC Health Advisor review so you know it’s right for you.



P.S. By the way – if you use PC Health Advisor every week, your computer will keep running like new: forever.