Why my computer running slow? Find out now…

It’s annoying, isn’t it?

You get a new computer… and within a few weeks it’s slowed to a crawl.

So why is your computer running slow?

Here are two big reasons… and one simple solution.

The first reason your computer is slow

… is clutter.

Every time you use your computer, it creates temporary files. Hundreds and hundreds of them.

And these files get stored in dozens of places in your computer.

And as these files build up and up… your computer gets more and more bogged down.

So these files choke the life out of your computer.

And eventually they’ll virtually suffocate your computer… unless you delete them. And delete them regularly.

The second reason your computer is slow

… is a lack of maintenance.

Listen – everyone who buys a car knows they have to do regular maintenance, right?

Like changing the oil and oil filter. Replacing the spark plugs. Topping up the screen wash and coolant. Etc.

But when you bought your computer, did anybody tell you that it needs regular maintenance, too?

Stuff like defragmenting the hard drive. Scanning and fixing Windows errors. Finding and deleting duplicate files.

And deleting the temporary files I mentioned above.


Temporary files choking your computer and a lack of maintenance are the two big reasons why your computer is running slow.

And the bad news is… your computer will continue to get slower and slower until you fix these problems.

So you have three options.

Option One: Buy a new computer.

Yeah. Not exactly ideal.

Option Two: Take it to a computer technician to fix.

Personally, the idea of some spotty teenager snooping through my personal files, photos, and Web browsing history doesn’t really appeal.

Plus, as I said above, your computer needs regular maintenance, so this isn’t an option unless you’ve got very deep pockets.

Option Three: PC Health Advisor will delete all the junk files and give your computer a full service.

Actually, it’ll do a lot more than that. Because it’ll also optimise your computer’s settings and get it running better than new.

And it’s dead simple to use. If you can click a few buttons you’re good to go.

Plus it’s fast. 30 seconds and you’re done.

And if you use it weekly (as I do), it’ll keep your computer firing on all cylinders permanently.

So listen…

If you’re serious about speeding up your computer, then I encourage you to take a gander at PC Health Advisor.

But before you get it, check out my PC Health Advisor review so you know it’s right for you.



P.S. If you choose Option Two (taking your computer to a technician), guess what? They’ll use the same type of software as PC Health Advisor… and they’ll charge you an arm and a leg for the privilege.