WhatsApp Launches 3 New Features – Albums, Filters & Reply Shortcuts

If you’re an iOS WhatsApp user, you may want to check the app for a new update as the chat application has received three new features, and two of them are centered around photos.

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New Filters

The first new feature that will be coming to WhatsApp is ‘filters’ – something that was surprisingly absent from the app up until this point. As many of you with camera apps can probably guess, the feature will finally allow WhatsApp users to apply nice filters onto their photos, videos and GIFs.

The update will introduce 5 different types of filters – pop, black and white, cool, chrome, and film.

five different filters

The Verge

Besides filters, WhatsApp has also introduced a feature called ‘albums’ to the app. With this feature, users who send more than four photos or videos will see their posts consolidated into an album.

The consolidated post will arrange the photos or videos into a tile layout, making it easier for the other parties to view them without having to scroll through the entire chat.

album feature

Reply Shortcuts

Finally, the update will now make replying to a specific message easier than before. With the new Reply Shortcuts feature, a user can now reply to a message simply by swiping on the selected message. Said message would then be highlighted above the dialog box, and all you have to do is to type your response to it and hit the send button.

replying shortcuts

Charlie Deets

As for Android WhatsApp users, the company has mentioned that these features may be coming to Android in the future. That being said, no timeframe was given as of yet, so Android users are going to have to wait.

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