What Is the Android Cache, When is Best to Clean It Up and How

Everybody seems to hate the cache. Yet, when used well, it has many beneficial effects. If apps don’t look after it, though, it can turn into a hassle. That’s when cleaning becomes necessary.

What Is the Android Cache, When is Best to Clean It Up and How

“Cache” is any data stored for a short period of time in order to serve it faster when needed.

You can imagine it as a snack kept on the kitchen table rather than in the fridge: when hunger strikes, food will be readily available (if you don’t let it spoil, of course).

The bright side of Android cache

Android allows apps to store cache data on the device for a number of reasons. The most important are related with performance and data usage.

Thanks to cache, apps can:

  • Store data offline, so you don’t have to download it again and again
  • Load data faster, which results in apps starting in much less time

Both things mean that your phone or tablet will use less mobile data and less battery when taking advantage of the cache stored by your Android apps.

Android cache has a dark side, too:

Nevertheless, cache also has its share of inconveniences. For instance, it can eat up a notable amount of internal storage, leaving your device without space for new apps and files.

On the other hand, bad or corrupted data in the cache may make it impossible for an app to run properly. This “poisoned cache” is sometimes the cause behind app crashes.

Last but not least, the cache of certain application may harm your privacy. Browsers’ cache, for instance, contains many items from the sites you visited, including pictures.

How to solve cache issues in Android

Android deletes cache files when the system runs out of space, but most of the times that’s too late or insufficient. That’s why manual cleanup is still necessary.

There are several ways to clean up apps’ cache in Android 4, 5 and 6. The slowest is to open every app in Settings > Apps, tap on an app, tap on Storage and then hit the Clear cache button.

Clean app cache in Android 6.0

You can also delete the cache of all apps, albeit the option for that is a bit hidden. You have to go to Settings > Storage & USB and then tap on Cached data.

Clean all the appcache in Android 6.0

Want something faster and more effective? Turbo Booster cleans all kinds of Android junk -including apps’ cache- in a single sweep. Just hit the big button and you are ready to go.

Clean cache with Turbo Booster

Keep in mind that Android 6.0 don’t let any third-party app to clear the cache, but TB will still erase other junk files. If you prefer automatic cleaning, get Turbo Booster PRO!