What a registry cleaner does and why you need one

The registry is a crucial part of the Windows operating system. If you neglect it you’ll be plagued with problems.

If you’ve been using a Windows PC for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed it runs a lot slower than it used to. You may also suffer frustrating crashes and freezes (usually at the most inconvenient time).

Well, the cause of most Windows problems is registry errors:

The Windows registry

The registry is a database that includes details of your computer’s hardware, software, settings and preferences. It’s an integral part of the Windows operating system. Your computer wouldn’t work without it.

Every time you use your computer new entries are added to the registry.

Problems arise when the registry entries become corrupt, or when it gets bogged down with old entries. Over time this starts to affect your computer’s performance, which is why your once speedy PC now works at a snail’s pace.

The registry cleaner

A registry cleaner is a software program that removes junk and fixes invalid registry entries. It will only take a few minutes to scan your entire system and list the errors it finds. You will then be given a choice of repairing all the errors, or just the ones you choose.

Quick and easy to use

A major benefit of using a reg cleaner is that they’re easy to use. No expert knowledge is required and there’s no 100-page user manual to read. You just click a couple of buttons and you’re done.

Another benefit is convenience: The registry cleaners reviewed on this site can be downloaded and installed in a matter of minutes.

Scan, clean and repair your PC

The first time I scanned my computer with RegCure it discovered 1168 errors! You can imagine how much better those computers run now.

Computers need regular maintenance to perform at their best so you should scan your system often. Most registry cleaners can be set to scan at scheduled times – such as every time your computer starts or daily, weekly, monthly:

Protect and optimize your PC

If you scan your computer often and keep it free of errors you’ll encounter fewer problems in the future, and spend less time wanting to chuck it out the window.

After a full scan and repair you should expect Windows to run as fast as when it was new. Some registry cleaners will make it run even faster than new.

Hassle-free computing

Most of us don’t want be bombarded with confusing error messages or have to wait an age for programs to start. And we don’t want to spend hours online searching for answers when we could be doing something fun or productive, instead. Well, thanks to registry cleaners, we don’t have to.

Registry cleaner reviews

Read the following reviews to find the best PC registry cleaner for you.

RegCure – has a very simple interface and uncovers lots of errors.

Registry Mechanic – easy to use with shortcuts to lots of tools.

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