Welcome to the fashion Facebook Blog

If you tell people that you work at Facebook, they wish to know more; why we made adjustments, what we’re doing , what individuals are like. We are starting a blog so everyone can get a close-up perspective of what we’re doing every day to create Facebook happen.
We didn’t need to start blogging before everybody else could, so we waited until we found our own version of the site — Notes. If you’re already blogging, Notes allows you to import your blog from another website, so your blog and all your buddies’ sites are all displayed on Facebook for easy viewing. Notes also enables any of you that aren’t bloggers to write out ideas on any subject and incorporate them directly into your profile. If you are interested what your friends have already stated, click here.

You can see all your friends’ latest posts, and read all those about you.You can see all of your friends’ latest posts, and see all of those about you.Notes is one more way for you to connect with those around you and keep up with friends. It’s possible to tag your friends so they’ll understand exactly what you’ve mentioned about these, and you can upload photographs to illustrate just how great — or terrible — something has been. We have been working quite difficult to deliver you Notes, therefore we hope you enjoy what we have done.