Top 5 reasons your computer is running slow

Ever get so frustrated with your computer’s slowness:

: that you feel like throwing it out the effin’ window?

You’re not alone.

I think most people feel like that at some point.

So – here are the top 5 things making your computer crawl:

1. Ravaged by system errors

The average computer can be swarming with hundreds – even thousands – of system errors.

Stuff like DLL errors, file association errors, broken shortcuts etc.

They’re simply caused by everyday use.

So it’s not your fault. You’re not doing anything wrong.

But they’re unavoidable.

2. Choked by junk files

Every time you use your computer, it creates a butt-load of temporary files.

A butt-load.

We’re talking browser cache, temporary Internet files, document revisions, duplicate files:

And that means you have a mountain of junk clogging up your computer.

And it’s eating up your valuable hard-drive space.

3. Crippled by a fragmented hard-drive

When you save a file, fragments get stored all over your hard-drive.

Not all in one place, as you’d expect: but scattered.

So whenever you open a file, your computer has to scurry around searching for all the pieces.

And that takes time.

4. Hammered by outdated or faulty drivers

Your computer uses driver files to “talk” to your hardware devices.

But if those driver files are corrupt or outdated:

: then that device may not be running at full throttle.

5. Clobbered by lousy system settings

Right out of the box, your computer isn’t properly optimised for speed.

Good news is – there are dozens of settings that can be tweaked to unleash its true potential:

: and make that puppy fly.

The simple fix

PC Health Advisor can quickly fix all these problems: and a bunch more.

It can transform your computer from a simpering wimp into a fire-breathing powerhouse: with a few simple mouse clicks.

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