The Danger of Android Malware from the Black Market App Stores

If you’re using a black market app you could be running the risk of ending up with an Android virus or malware on your device.

The Danger of Android Malware from the Black Market App Stores

Some Android users choose to use an alternative, such as Blackmart Alpha, rather than the official Google Play Store to download new apps. When using Blackmart there is no need for an account or any kind of registration and all apps are free, even those that normally require payment. There is also a wider range of apps available, aided by the fact that they don’t need to pass any regulations before being listed.

The fact that it is unregulated is what makes the Blackmart a potentially dangerous place to download Android apps. The lack of oversight makes it easy for individuals to create, upload and distribute apps that are infected with mobile malware.

Important note: The Blackmart is illegal in some countries because it bypasses the access restrictions for paid apps.

There is also no official website for the Blackmart app and no official download site. Because of this, it is possible that you could download an infected version of the marketplace itself, without any of apps on it. This black market also needs root access to your Android device, adding to the potential danger.

Malware in general is a growing concern for Android users, with Blackmart only increasing the risk of a breach. A report from the security firm Kaspersky showed that mobile malware has increased and was almost 3 times more prevalent in the second quarter of 2015. In that quarter alone 291,800 new mobile malware programs emerged.

Kaspersky’s data on mobile malware

Different malware programs can be designed to perform a variety of tasks, and you can guarantee that none of them will make your day any better. Once they have infected your phone or tablet, malware programs can take control of your device, steal information, or extract numbers, all without you knowing.

If you do download mobile malware to your Android device, you should immediately uninstall the app in question. This should resolve the immediate issue. In general though you should always be careful about what you download.

It’s much safer to only use the Play Store for downloads, but even then you should take a moment to read the app’s description and reviews. If anything you read makes you suspicious, it’s much better not to take the risk.

In general, the Play Store is pretty safe. In a presentation at the Virus Bulletin Security Conference in Berlin, Germany, Google researchers estimated that a mere 0.001% of the Android app installations they investigated led to an infection by malware.

Of course, not all the apps on Blackmart contain viruses, but it is a marketplace in which some unscrupulous users are able to freely add malicious scripts to the apps (APKs) they upload.

The download of any virus-infected software can lead to serious consequences. Malware software can allow the creator to remotely control your device and gives them access to all your data – including potentially sensitive financial information. If there is an APK file that you want to install on your device but are worried it may contain malware, you can scan it on – a site which uses more than 50 cloud-based antivirus scanners.

Virustotal allows you to scan software for viruses

It is also a good idea to install an app that provides virus protection for Android. There are a lot of different Android antivirus apps out there, with some of the most popular and well-respected ones being Lookout Mobile Security, Norton Mobile Security, Kaspersky Mobile Security, and avast! Mobile Security. All of these companies offer full security provisions that naturally include protection from malware.

Of course it is entirely possible to use Blackmart and download black market apps without experiencing any of these negative consequences, but anyone who does so is taking a genuine risk. As always though, it is your decision to make.