Suunto Dive Manager on Linux

However to get Suunto Dive Manager you do have to do a few little
things to make it work. In this case I used version 1.4
which is what came
on the CD with my Mosquito. I found a newer version on Suunto’s website
but I have not yet managed to get that version to work.

Installing Suunto Dive Manager

If you’re using Fedora Core 6 then I recommend you follow my
FC6 Tips page to get the system set up and
make sure the WINE Windows emulator is installed:

# yum -y install wine

Once you have that insert the CD that came with your dive computer. In my
case I have the Suunto Mosquito and it came with a CD that comes with product
info and the dive manager. Once mounted locate the file SUUNTO.exe
and run it with wine:

$ cd /media/suunto
$ wine SUUNTO.exe

You’ll get a scren showing you the options. Just click on “DIVE MANAGER” and
follow the prompts to install it.

Once the installation is done just exit the installer.

Some WINE Tweaks

The main tweaks are the allow the Suunto software to have access to the serial
port your computer is connected to. First figure out the serial port. If you
have a built-in serial port the file name will be something like
/dev/ttyS0 and if you’re using a USB serial adapter like I am then
the serial port will be named something like /dev/ttyUSB0 like in the
examples below.

Now you need to put in a special symlink to tell wine which COM port
is attached to which serial line. Here is an example, adjust to suit your

$ cd ~/.wine/dosdevices
$ ln -s /dev/ttyUSB0 com1

The next problem is that by default serial ports in Linux are owned by
some system user and usually does not allow access by regular users.
Become root and change the ownership of the serial port to yourself.

# chown `id -u -n` /dev/ttyUSB0

Running Suunto Dive Manager

Once you’ve done all that you’re ready to run the program. The old version
of the Dive Manager doesn’t create a desktop icon, we’ll get to that later.
To quickly get started just go to the install directory and run the executable:

$ wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/SDM/sdm.exe

and the program should start right up!!!

Some potential problems are:

  • The transfer of the profile memory timed out. – Probably means
    the physical connection is not working

  • The COM port is already in use by another device. – Usually means the permissions on the serial device aren’t allowing WINE to access the serial port.