Nvidia Driver 391.35 WHQL with security patches released

Nvidia released the GeForce Game Ready 391.35 WHQL driver to the public featuring improvements for select games, security patches, and quite a large number of issues.

First, the basics: Nvidia users and system admins who don’t use GeForce Experience for driver updates can download the latest driver from the company’s official download site.

While it may be tempting to install the full driver package, we recommend that you only install the driver for the Nvidia graphics card and other components that you require, and that you uninstall the installed (old) graphics driver completely before you install the new one.

Last but not least, you may also want to check for Nvidia Telemetry services on the system after the driver installation or use Disable Nvidia Telemetry, a free program to do so.

Nvidia Driver 391.35 WHQL

nvidia driver 391.35

Nvidia driver 391.35 patches several security issues in previous driver versions. It is recommended that the new driver is installed on systems affected by the security issues to protect the device against potential attacks targeting these vulnerabilities.

The following security issues are patched in the new release:

  • CVE-2018-6247 — Vulnerability in the kernel mode layer (nvlddmkm.sys).
  • CVE-2018-6248 –Vulnerability in the kernel mode layer handler for
  • CVE-2018-6249 — Vulnerability in kernel mode layer handler.
  • CVE-2018-6250 — Vulnerability in the kernel mode layer (nvlddmkm.sys).
  • CVE-2018-6251 — Vulnerability in Directx 10 Usermode driver.
  • CVE-2018-6252 — Vulnerability in the kernel mode layer handler for
  • CVE-2018-6253 — Vulnerability in DirectX and OpenGL Usermode drivers

The new video card driver includes optimizations for the game Far Cry 5, SLIĀ  profile improvements for GRIP and WRC 7, and 3D Vision Profiles updates or additions for Far Cry 5, GRIP, and The Talos Principle.

The reported software module versions are:

  • nView – 148.92
  • HD Audio Driver –
  • NVIDIA PhysX System Software – 9.17.0524
  • GeForce Experience –
  • CUDA – 9.1

GeForce Game Ready 391.35 WHQL fixes four issues that users may have experienced in previous driver versions:

  • The import profile functionality of the GeForce 3D Profile Manager tool did not work.
  • Memory leaks when using Nvidia Freestyle.
  • Diablo III freeze with V-Sync and SLI enabled when using Alt-Tab multiple times.
  • The driver may fail to initialize the GPU on notebooks.

The new driver has the following issues (some are carried over from previous driver releases):

  • Green flickering in Far Cry 5 with HDR on non-native resolutions. Nvidia suggests to use Alt-Tab to leave and then go back to the game, use Alt-Enter to switch to windowed mode and then back to full screen mode, or set a native resolution to resolve this.
  • Blue screen crash in Gears of War 4 on systems with Pascal GPUs.
  • Doom game crash on GeForce GTX 1080 Ti systems.
  • G-Sync displays going blank issue on Nvidia Titan V systems.
  • Display output issue on systems with DisplayPort and two DVI monitors.
  • Operating system fails after installing the graphics card on Threadripper-enabled motherboards.

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