The most popular app of 2016 had already been downloaded 59.7 million times by the end of June

SurveyMonkey released a report of the most popular apps so far of 2016. This is only through the end of June, so it doesn’t include the incredibly popular Pokemon Go app.The smartphone app business is booming. The most popular app of 2016 had already been downloaded 59.7 million times by the end of June. So what the apps that everyone has to have?

The messenger app allows you to send text messages (including SMS messages), photos, and even video chat for free with anyone in the world who has the Messenger app on their mobile device or is using Facebook in a browser on their PC.At the top of the list:  Facebook’s Messenger app with nearly 60 million downloads.


You don’t even need a Facebook account to use Messenger. The platform has become so popular that there are now even apps you can install inside Messenger.

Coming in at number two with nearly 55 million downloads is Snapchat. This photo messaging app lets users send captioned photos that disappear from your device 10 seconds after being viewed, though the length can be extended for up to 24 hours, and of course, anyone can screenshot anything.


Facebook‘s mobile app for their social network comes in at number 3 with nearly 46 million downloads, followed by the photo sharing app Instagram with just over 40 million.


Instagram is also owned by Facebook.

The first game on the list pops up in the number 5 position. Color Switch boasts 39 million downloads in the first half of 2016.  In this game, players guide a ball carefully through obstacles by following a color pattern.


All of these apps are free to download, though Color Switch does have in-app purchases that you can make to advance in the game.

To download any of these apps, just head to the app store for your device and type in the name of the app.

Tomorrow, we’ll check out the second half of the top 10.

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