Is there a snooper in your home?

You’ve seen The Truman Show, right?

If not, it stars Jim Carrey as a man who’s spent his whole life on camera.

He’s the lead character in a TV show about him and his life.

Except he doesn’t realise it.

He has no idea he’s being filmed or that millions of people are watching his every move.


How would it feel to discover that you’re the star of your own version of The Truman Show:

: because a computer hacker has been watching you through your webcam for the last few months?

Snooping on you while you:



Do online banking.

Surf the ‘Net.

Play games.

Pick your nose.

Lounge around in your PJs.

: and everything else you do in front of your computer.

Horrible thought, isn’t it?

The idea that somewhere in the world, some spotty teenager is watching everything you do.

Maybe even recording it and sharing it with his mates: or publishing it on the Internet for all to see.

But unlike The Truman Show, this is real.

Hackers really can tune into your webcam. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a standalone
webcam or the one in the lid of your laptop.

Scary stuff.

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