Instagram introduces new features to help negate cyberbullying

There’s nothing like a place where you can share your journey or thoughts freely on social media. Practically speaking, it’s not an easy task for a platform to provide such safe haven for its users. Instagram is however actively moving to this direction.

Instagram introduced several new features that will encourage users to be more engaging and in the same time, well protected.

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Turning off comments

The first addition is the option to turn off comments on any post. In the coming weeks, all users can opt to turn off comments any desired post.

Go to “Advanced Settings” menu and select ‘Turn Off Commenting”. Lets say you change your mind and you would like the comments again, just go to “:” menu and turn commenting back on.

advance settings

“Heart” your comments

Instagram will also be adding a heart icon to all comments to enhance commenting experience . This feature works like a “Like” button, allowing users to react positively to comments in a more engaging manner.

instagram comments

Removing followers for Private Accounts

Instagram finally allows the private accounts to remove followers. To do so, go to your list of followers, tap on the “:” menu and select remove. You don’t need to break cold sweat contemplating this move because Instagram does not inform the followers you removed.

Cultivating caring community

An anonymous reporting system that would allow its user base to report self-injury post is also introduced this round. In any event users are aware of any self inflicting signs, they can report it anonymously to Instagram.

Instagram will reach out to the person and link them to organizations that could assist them. These reports will be reviewed by teams working 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

support options
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