Cars seem to be the new favorite target of hackers

Hackers Hit Cars



Plus, security researchers have discovered a way that hackers can wirelessly unlock the door o around 100, million vehicles made by a number of automakers both domestic and foreign including Ford, VW, and Nissan. Cars may be getting smarter, but they aren’t any less vulnerable to thieves.

Cars seem to be the new favorite target of hackers. Recently in Teas, two car thieves were able to steal 30 Jeep and Dodge vehicles using a laptop outfitted with special software that can start the car. They then drove the vehicles across the border to Mexico.

Microsoft Updates Work & Play Bundle

Microsoft has made some changes to its Work & Play bundle. The $199 purchase gives users access to several MS services.  Included in the deal in a year Office 365 Home, a year’s subscription to Xbox Live Gold, 1 year of support from the Assure Software Answer Desk and a $25 gift card that can be used to purchase games, movies, and music from their online stores. Click here for more information on how to purchase.

Firefox For Linux Will Lets Users Watch Netflix

When Firefox 49 for Linux rolls out this fall, users will be able to watch HTML video with DRM (digital rights management)  protection. That means they can view video from streaming services like Amazon and Netflix.


Windows and Mac users have been able to view DRM-protected video for quite some time now.

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