I Lost My Phone! How Can I Find It?

Did you lose your cellphone? Are you afraid that it was stolen? Do not despair: you may still find it. And you do not even need to call the police. Android has the solution.

I Lost My Phone! How Can I Find It?

To find your lost smartphone, you have to access Android Device Manager, a free tool provided by Google to all users with a Google account.

1. Access Android Device Manager

You have two ways of accessing Android Device Manager. The first one is using a browser: go to https://www.google.es/android/devicemanager and enter your Google account details.


The other is to download the official Android Device Manager app from Google Play. You may use your Google account or use Guest Mode to sign-in with another one.

2. Select the device (cellphone or tablet) to locate

Now that you are in Android Device Manager, you will see a map with a box. In the box, there is a drop-down menu. Use it to select the device that you want to locate.

Device selector in Google DM

If you cannot find the device on the list, see if it included in the Google Play options. Tick the checkbox and reload Android Device Manager.

3. Wait until ADM finds your device

Google will try to locate your device as quickly as possible. The possible area is shown with a bluish circle. The greater the area, the less accurate the position. Wait longer or reload to get greater detail.

Location map

The time it takes and the level of accuracy depend on several factors, such as the availability of connection and the movement of the device. If the dot is moving, the device may be in a vehicle.

4. Block it, wipe it, or make it ring

Now, you have three options: you may make it ring for five minutes (useful if you lost your cell phone at home or in the office), completely block it, or remotely wipe its data.

Lock, ring or erase your Android remotely

If, on the other hand, you cannot locate the device, try again later. Sometimes, the lack of cellphone or wireless coverage may prevent the location data from being sent.

Do not wait: make sure that your device is ready

Android Device Manager is effective, but is not a miracle worker, and if you do not set it up appropriately beforehand, it may not work at all. Take two minutes to ensure that everything is ready.

Go to Settings > Security and open Device administrators. Tick the Android Device Manager so that it may work when needed. It is also convenient to go to Google settings (the settings icon with the G) and activate the location and remote lock/wipe options.

It is also important, of course, to activate a screen lock to stop possible thieves. Screen Lock Guardian is easy to use and even takes photos of the intruders.

Screen Locker