Hulu exclusives like “The Mindy Project” were only available to paid subscribers

The service was the first big player in the streaming market, but has faced big competition from Netflix and Amazon Prime.Streaming giant Hulu is ending its free option for watching movies and TV shows online and via apps.  The company has offered ad-supported, viewing options since it launched back in 2007.


Hulu exclusives like “The Mindy Project” were only available to paid subscribers. Hulu costs $11.99 per month for commercial-free viewing and $7.99 per month for programming with limited commercial interruptions.

All hope for free viewing is not lost. Hulu is partnering with Yahoo to continue to provide free options. You’ll remember that Yahoo tried its hand at offering original programming and streaming live football last year, with little success.

As their paid subscriber base grew, the put less and less emphasis on the free product with offerings now being pretty much limited to the most recent episodes of current network programs. Those same programs are often also available on the network’s websites.

The new site is called Yahoo View and is the only place to watch free Hulu content. On Yahoo View, viewers will be able to see the most recent five episodes of some shows from ABC, NBC, and FOX. The programs will be available eight days after their original broadcast.


It also features anime and other international programming as well as documentaries and movies.

Right now the site is only available for viewing with a browser, but Yahoo promises that an app for iOS and Android is on the way soon.

This site is part of the Yahoo mail and web portal that the parent company sold to Verizon.

~ Cynthia

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