How to update your drivers with DriverCure

One of DriverCure’s unique features is that it updates your drivers and your software. It’s also a really simple process. So, let’s get started:

Selecting the drivers to update

From the scan results screen, select the drivers you want to update. You can update as many drivers as you like.

To keep this simple, I’m only going to update one driver – my Logitech MX Revolution mouse driver.

DriverCure scan results screen

Updating my Logitech mouse driver with DriverCure.

After selecting your drivers, click the big green Fix Now button at the bottom of the screen.

DriverCure will now download your new driver.

DriverCure - downloading new drivers

Downloading a new driver.

Once the download is complete, click Yes to confirm that you want to install the driver.

DriverCure - confirm driver installation

Confirm driver installation.

DriverCure will now launch the driver installer. If you don’t see anything happen, check your taskbar for any new windows.

DriverCure - extracting files ready for installation

Extracting the Logitech SetPointTM driver.

Now just follow the installer’s onscreen instructions to install your updated driver.

Installing drivers via the History screen

If you would like to know what versions of drivers are available before you install them, you can view this information by clicking on the History button.

DriverCure - installing drivers via the History screen

Downloading a driver via DriverCure’s History screen.

You can also install drivers via the History screen. The only disadvantage is you can only install one driver at a time.

Compressed & archived files

If any of the drivers you download are in the ZIP file format, DriverCure won’t automatically install them. You’ll have to navigate to C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersDocumentsDownloads and unzip them.

viewing the default DriverCure download folder in Windows Explorer

Viewing the default DriverCure download folder.

To unzip your driver you’ll need to use a utility like the excellent and free ExtractNow.

Restart Windows

You will most likely be prompted to restart your computer after installing a driver, so it’s a good idea to save any work and close the applications beforehand.

And that’s it. Now just rinse and repeat.

Installing software updates

You can also install software updates via the scan results screen or the History screen.

DriverCure - installing Adobe AIR with DriverCure

Installing AdobeR AIRR with DriverCure.

The process is the same as installing drivers except files aren’t usually zipped.

Download DriverCure

Check out DriverCure and give it a try, if you haven’t done so already.