How to Take a Screenshot on Your Android Device

Your Android phone comes with virtually limitless options, but a great trick to know is how to take a screenshot. It’s an easy way to save a message or post before it has been deleted.

How to Take a Screenshot on Your Android Device

Do you have a Twitter troll who won’t leave you alone? Are you sick of being followed? If you’re going to report it you’ll need to have a record of all those tweets. Why not take screenshots and save them? Just in case…

There are many other (perhaps more common) uses. It’s important to know which are the best screenshot apps to use and which ones suit your needs best.

Here’s a quick guide that’ll help you get the most out of your Android device and find the right screenshot app for you.

Use a screenshot app

Enter ‘screenshot’ in the Google Play search box and look at the different ones the Android app store offers. The user ratings and feedback are a great way of learning about the different options available. If you have time you could try out various different apps and see how they work. Choose the one that’s right for you and uninstall the rest.

Search on Google Play


Once you’ve installed an app on your phone you’ll just need to tweak a few configuration settings, such as the appearance of the interface and other options like image format (PNG, JPEG…) and capture sound etc.

If you think you’ll use the app frequently, it’s worth setting the app to start up automatically (Start on boot). That way you’ll be able to take a screenshot quickly whenever you need to.

Screenshot apps allow you to personalise your settings

Taking a screenshot

After you’ve spent a bit of time finding the right app, taking a screenshot is simple – it’s just a tap away. Generally speaking, you’ll either press the power button and volume down at the same time, or press both power and start at the same time.

Whichever way your phone works you need to press the buttons for a couple of seconds and get the timing right. Press one before the other and you might switch apps or bring up a Google search for example.

It’s best to check your screenshot app is active before you start.

Some apps show you how to take a screenshot


Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the app, practise makes perfect. On Android, your screenshots will be saved in your gallery in the screenshots folder.

You’ll probably need to take a few screenshots to get the one you want – banner ads can spring up and you need to be quick to make sure they don’t get captured in the screenshot.

Watch the notifications

On your Android device you can access your screenshots via the notification bar at the top of the screen. When you bring down the notifications pane you’ll see both the option to go to the app and also a link to the image of the last screenshot you’ve taken.

Your new app will open up so many more features of your Android phone. When you want to save a post from one of your social networks you can now do more than simply ‘like’ or retweet the post: just take a screenshot and save it to your smartphone image gallery.