How to Measure the Performance of Any Android Device

You can optimize your Android device as much as you want, but… do you know how fast it is compared to others? Here, we tell you about free ways to find that out.

How to Measure the Performance of Any Android Device

Many times we worry about optimizing Android without knowing what is the maximum performance we can get. We rely on subjective indicators such as the fluidity when changing screens or the pauses when launching apps.

If you want to know what your cell phone or tablet is capable of, it is better to subject it to standard tests created to facilitate performance comparison among devices. Here are the ones we consider best.

The best performance tests for Android

To measure your Android’s performance and battery speed we recommend PCMark for Android. Its tests are not only realistic, they can also be seen as they run. For example: while PCMark executes the web browsing test you will see a webpage loading in the background. The same thing goes for video, writing and photo editing tests.

PCMark not only shows you a little number, like the classic AnTuTu benchmark does. It explains the score’s meaning and shows you a graph with speed, temperature and battery charge during the tests, which indicates the way the device responds to tasks that use up many resources such as memory or processing power.


Another excellent alternative is Qualcomm Vellamo. In its test, this app uses the default web browser that you have installed in your mobile phone. Is there a more realistic performance test? Its other tests include tests for one and multiple processors (Metal and Multicore), as well as a WIFI speed test. In this case you can also compare the result to other results.


Lastly, a benchmark that attracts game enthusiasts: Epic Citadel. It looks like a game because it was created by Epic Games, the authors of the mythical Unreal and Infinity Blade. The benchmark mode takes you on a walk around a spectacular medieval town and, at the end, tells you how fast your device was.

Epic Citadel

Before executing the tests, clean the garbage

A bit of help always comes in handy. Before executing the above mentioned tests, optimize your smartphone or tablet with the help of Turbo Booster. We invite you to run the tests before and after cleaning your device so you can see the difference.

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