How to make your laptop run faster

Isn’t it annoying?

You get a new laptop and within a few short months it feels as if it’s running at half speed.

So what can you do to make your laptop run faster?

Here are three ways: and one simple solution.

The first way to make your laptop run faster

: is delete junk files.

Because every time you use your laptop, it creates dozens of temporary files. And that’s in addition to the new files you create.

Plus every time you surf the Web your computer stores the files from the Websites you visit. Things like the page code, the scripts, the pictures and background images, tracking code. Etc.

And you laptop stores these files in dozens of locations throughout your hard-drive.

And as these files build up and up, they begin to choke your computer and slow it down.

If fact, this is the biggest culprit if your computer is running slow. And if you don’t delete them, then it will eventually grind to a halt.

The second way to make your laptop run faster

: is by doing regular maintenance.

If you want to keep a car running, then you need to do regular maintenance. Things like changing the oil and oil filter. Replacing the spark plugs. Topping up the coolant and screen wash.

And it’s the same with your computer.

You need to defragment your hard drive often. Run scandisk to check and fix Windows errors. Find and delete duplicate files. Updating device drivers to the latest version. Etc.

The third way to make your laptop run faster

: is to tweak its system settings.

Other than gaming computers and laptops, most computers do not come optimised for maximum performance “out of the box”.

But there are dozens system settings you can tweak to make your laptop run a lot faster.

But be careful if you don’t know what you’re doing. Because one wrong move can seriously mess up your laptop. We’re talking blank screen, dead as a doornail.

So tread very lightly.

The easy way to make your laptop run faster

Listen – if you’re at all uncomfortable meddling with your laptop’s inner workings, then there is a very simple alternative.

Let PC Health Advisor do the job.

It’ll clear out the junk files, tweak its settings and optimise it so it runs faster than when it was new:

: with a few simple clicks.

It’s fast, too. 30 seconds and you’re done.

So if you’re serious about making your laptop run faster, then give it a go.

But before you get it, check out my PC Health Advisor review so you know it’s right for you.



P.S. Forgot to mention – if you run PC Health Advisor every week, your laptop will keep running like new: forever.