How to fix or repair a corrupt device driver

So, how do you repair a corrupt device driver?

Uh: you don’t.

You have to re-install the driver that’s giving you trouble.

Which means you’re gonna need your original driver installation disk.

And if you don’t have it?

Then you could try searching the hardware manufacturer’s website.

This is actually a better option, because you’ll be able to install the latest driver version. So it should have a few more bugs worked out, which means it should be more stable.

Or you could try searching a driver download site.

But be careful with this last option.


Because some driver files may be labelled incorrectly. And that means you may end up downloading a different files than the ones you think you’re downloading.

Plus – there’s a risk of the files being infected with something nasty. So be sure to scan them for malware before opening them.

And if you still can’t find the drivers you need?

Then your only option is to use driver update software.

This option will give you instant access to millions of up-to-date drivers:

: all ready to download and install with a couple of simple mouse clicks.

And the added benefit is, you can update all your other drivers to latest versions at the same time.

For 3 awesome driver updaters, check out my driver update software comparison page.

A free scan will reveal all the drivers they have available for your computer.