How to Find Out What’s Causing Android Battery Drain

Having problems with your Android’s battery life? Learn how to check your battery usage to find out what could be causing it, and discover the 10 most battery-draining apps.

How to Find Out What's Causing Android Battery Drain

There are few things more frustrating than having your Android battery die, right when you need it the most. One solution is to carry a power cable with you at all times, but there isn’t always somewhere to plug it in. Perhaps a better idea is to find out what is draining your Android battery, because after all, you can’t solve a problem until you know what’s causing it. Once you’ve done this, changing a few settings could dramatically improve your Android device’s battery life.

Discover your battery usage

Android Settings menu

Luckily, Android makes this easy for you. Go to your smartphone’s settings and then select ‘Battery’. This should show you exactly what’s responsible for your Android battery drain. It’s even ranked, showing you the worst offenders at the top. Each item has a percentage displayed next to it, showing exactly what proportion of your battery it is using up.

You can also tap on each item to get more details. For example, if you tap on ‘Screen’, you can see how long the screen has been on for. You should also see an option named ‘Display’. Tap on that for a list of settings that allow you to adjust and reduce battery usage. For example, reducing the time your device must be idle before it goes into sleep mode, or lowering the brightness.

This menu shows the details of your device’s battery usage

Once you’ve seen that list, the next thing to do is to figure out what can be changed to reduce battery usage. Of course some items on the list will be things you can’t do without, but others may be less essential.

The top 10 battery-draining apps

A recent study by the security firm AVG revealed the 10 most battery-draining apps. The study used data from more than million Android users to find out which apps are the most power hungry. According to a recent edition of AVG’s quarterly Android App Performance report, these are the worst apps for Android system battery drain:

  1. Beaming Service for Samsung
  2. Security Policy Updates
  3. Facebook
  4. Waze
  5. Vault-Hide
  6. Path
  7. Candy Camera
  8. magicApp
  9. Al-Moazin Lite
  10. WhatsApp Messenger

All of these apps start automatically when you switch your device on and continue to run in the background, which is why they tend to use a lot of your battery life. In addition, the report also listed the 10 apps run by the user that use the most battery:

  1. Samsung WatchON
  2. OLX Free Classifieds
  3. Telstra
  4. Spotify
  5. Amazon Android
  6. Retrica
  7. Truecaller
  8. LINE
  9. Amazon Kindle
  10. Walmart

Although these apps aren’t constantly running (like the ones in the first list), they tend to use a lot of data, either via mobile or Wi-Fi connection, which is why they drain a lot of battery.

If you’re using any of these Android apps you might want to consider uninstalling them. To do this, just go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Apps’. Each app will have an ‘Uninstall’ option.

If that’s not something you want to do, you can also turn off app notifications to reduce the impact on your Android’s battery life.

Hopefully, by using this information you can get an idea of what’s draining your Android’s battery. Once you understand that, you can adjust your usage to make the most of your smartphone’s battery life.