How to Connect Your Android to Your Computer Using VNC Viewer

Smartphone’s are becoming like our own pocket PCs and are fast taking over the role of a home computer. Now with VNC Viewer, the ability to carry your PC or laptop around in your pocket is more real than ever. Let us explain!

How to Connect Your Android to Your Computer Using VNC Viewer

What is VNC Viewer?

VNC Viewer is a free smartphone app that gives you the power to access and control your computer remotely from your phone. Now you can use your smartphone to work on your computer, access programs, amend system settings or even see your desktop and documents.

How to start working with VNC Viewer:


First you need to install it on the computer or computers you want to control, which then act as server. It’s available on all operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux and more.

Install VNC on your PC: it then acts as a server


Next you need to download the app from the Google Play store to your mobile phone, this then acts as a client. It’s available on Android as well as Windows, iOS and other operating systems.

Link to devices

Once you’ve installed everything, you need to link it to your chosen device(s). The interface allows you to configure the app with settings like encoding, connections, input, display etc.

The VNC Viewer website tells you how to install the application

Initial access

After configuring the app you’ll need to input your IP address and hit accept. Once you’re connected you’ll then have to enter a password. After that you should be able to see the desktop of the computer you’re connected to.

Connecting to the internet

Depending on the distance from your smartphone to the PC your phone will use Wi-Fi, 3G or a 4G network.


Using VNC Viewer is safe due to the fact that all connections between devices are secured with encryption using 128bit AES technology. The Enterprise version uses 256bit encryption.

VNC settings on a mobile


Screen resolution quality goes as high as 5120 x 2400 pixels but is dependent on the amount of memory you have available on your smartphone.

Moving the mouse

Instead of using a mouse to navigate around the screen you’ll use your fingertip on the phone’s tactile screen.


The app comes with a keyboard that contains several additional keys including function and command. Cutting and pasting text between different applications on the computer and phone is also easy too.

You can open a keyboard on the app on your phone


The ID you use to connect your devices is unique. Essentially you’ll use the same usernames and passwords that you already have on your computer.

Download versions

You can download 3 different versions of VNC viewer. These are Free, Personal, and Enterprise. The free version is not encrypted.

Additional services

The Enterprise version of VNC Viewer comes with additional services like system authentication, performance optimisation, chat and the option to print or transfer documents.

Server options

Server options that are available on Windows include Windows 2000, XP and Vista plus Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. On Mac it’s available on Snow Leopard (10.6), Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8), Mavericks (10.9) Yosemite (up to 10.10) and El Capitan (10.10).

It only takes a moment to download VNC Viewer to your computer and an additional few seconds to download the app version from Google Play. You’ll need a little time to configure both devices and to test the connections between the two.

Be patient when you start to try out your frequently used programs and work with different documents – it’ll pay off in the long run. With time you’ll gain confidence using all the tools the app offers and get the hang of the mouse and keyboard. You’ll be an expert in no time.