How to Clean Android Junk Files with Turbo Booster

Getting rid of junk files can be incredibly easy. One tap and useless files and folders will go away forever. Let us show you how it’s done with Turbo Booster.

How to Clean Android Junk Files with Turbo Booster

Cleaning junk files in Android increases the available storage space and it’s good for keeping privacy. Deleting it manually can be quite difficult and time consuming, though. A free Android cleaner is a better solution.

Meet Turbo Booster. One of TB’s main features is the Android junk cleaner, which deletes all sorts of residual files and folders. The first thing you will see after opening the app will be the Status dashboard.

Turbo Booster dashboard

After the scan, Turbo Booster’s pie chart shows how much junk can be cleaned. Tap the arrow and the Junk files tab will open.

Turbo Booster, ready to clean the junk

It couldn’t be simpler. Just tap the “Boost” button and Turbo Booster will remove the junk files at once.

Turbo Booster - Junk removed!

In the lower bar chart you can see the cleanliness status in the last 24 hour; recovered space is bright green.

Want to know how much space Turbo Booster recovered in the last month? Press the Information button.

Turbo Booster clean-up statistics

There is a faster way to launch the cleaner. Pull down the notification bar and you’ll see Turbo Booster’s System Monitor. Tap on the blue Boost button and you’ll be brought directly to the Junk files tab of the app.

Turbo Booster System Monitor in the Notification Bar

Remember: You can enable or disable the System Monitor at any time from Turbo Booster’s settings.