How to backup your drivers with Driver Detective

Now that you’ve updated all your drivers with Driver Detective, you may want to backup the drivers you’ve downloaded so you can install them again without having to re-download them. This is a simple process and only takes a couple of minutes.

Let’s get started

Fire up Driver Detective and click the History button.

Driver Detective - History button

Choose which drivers to backup

On the Downloaded History screen, check the boxes next to the drivers you want to include in the backup.

Driver Detective - download history screen

Now click on Backup Selected at the bottom of the screen. This will launch the Driver Backup Wizard.

Driver Detective - backup selected files

On the Welcome to the Driver Backup Wizard screen click Next at the bottom of the page. This will take you to the Choose Backup Location screen.

Selecting a backup location

Now you need to choose whether to backup your drivers to a CD/DVD-ROM or external media and select the drive from the dropdown menu.

Now is a good time to insert a CD/DVD-ROM if you haven’t already done so.

Driver Detective - select a backup drive

Now click on Browse and select the folder where you want to backup your drivers to and click OK.

Then click Next at the bottom of the screen.

Driver Detective - select a backup folder

Writing the backup files

Driver Detective will now complete the backup process by writing the files to the backup location.

Driver Detective - writing backup files

Verifying the backup files

You can now use Windows Explorer to view your backup folder and verify your drivers have been backed up.

Driver Detective - verifying backup files in Windows Explorer

Another source of backup drivers

All the drivers you have downloaded are listed inside the Drivers HeadQuarters website.

To access them, go to the Driver Detective website and click on the Sign In link at the top right of the page. You can now sign in using your login details you received after registering Driver Detective.

If you click on the History tab it will take you to a page with a list of your previously downloaded drivers. Just click on the links if you need to download any of your drivers again.

Driver Detective - a history of your downloaded drivers in

It also lists your previous scan results further down the page so you can download drivers by clicking on those links, too.

Download Driver Detective

Check out Driver Detective and give it a try, if you haven’t already.