Google reveals 2016’s top searches with its “Year in search” results

With 2017 just around the corner, Google is continuing its yearly tradition of its “year in search results,” a run down of the most frequently Googled sensation throughout 2016.

For the Global rankings, the crowning of “the most searched topic of 2016” goes to Niantic’s little augmented reality game called Pokemon Go.

pokemon go

Right behind Pokemon Go is Apple’s latest smartphone, the iPhone 7 on the second position, and stood firmly in the top three is quite possibly the most divisive subject of year 2016: Donald Trump.

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Sitting in fourth place is the late Prince Rogers Nelson, commonly known as the Prince, who died of an overdose of Fentanyl. The fifth most searched topic is the United States’ Powerball lottery, while the sixth position is occupied by the late David Bowie who was claimed by liver cancer in January this year.

david bowie

Seventh place is occupied by the Rated-R Superhero movie Deadpool, while the Rio Olympics rank as the eighth most searched topic of 2016.


Rounding up the top ten, the online Snake-like browser game is in the ninth place, while the disappointing moie Suicide Squad sits at the tenth position.

For those who would like to see the Google Search rankings for a specific region, you can do so at the Google Search Result website. Just click on the arrows located beside the Global option, select your region, and the results will automatically be swapped over to the selected region.

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