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This morning I turned on the ol’ computer:

: and within 30 seconds got hit with an error message.

A rundll problem, apparently.

Oh, boy – here we go again.

But instead of trying to fix it myself, I just fired up PC Health Advisor.

And 2 minutes later it was fixed:

PC Health Advisor scan results

: along with 84 other problems.

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But PC Health Advisor does more than just fix errors:

A whole bunch more:

It optimises your computer’s speed (That means your computer will run as fast as when it was new – if not faster.)

It deletes junk files that clog up the system (If your computer’s more than a few weeks old, I guarantee it’ll have a mountain of junk files crippling its performance.)

It updates your device drivers (That means your hardware devices will keep working properly and efficiently).

It includes 7 essential maintenance tools (Including a Process Manager, Startup Manager, Browser Object Manager, Duplicate File Finder, Restore Point Manager, and Disk Defragmenter. These help keep your computer firing on all cylinders.)

It helps you open files you can’t open (Ever tried to open a file, but couldn’t because Windows didn’t recognize the file type? The File Extension Manager will tell you what software you need to open it.)


It includes a scheduler for automatic maintenance (No need to remember to run regular scans – just sit back and let PC Health Advisor do its magic automatically.)

It scans for malware (We’re talking about viruses, Trojan horses, spyware – and a bunch of other nasty stuff you absolutely DO NOT want lurking on your hard-drive.)

It protects your privacy (That means no one will find out what files you’ve opened, what Websites you’ve visited, or any of your other computer activities.)

And of course: it fixes thousands of computer errors (It fixes problems related to shared DLLs, application paths, file/path references, program shortcuts, COM/ActiveX object entries, uninstall entries, font entries, and shell extensions etc.)


Why so many tools?

Because the sad truth is, most computers are riddled with problems.


Because most people are not computer experts. So they aren’t aware how important regular computer maintenance is.

But it is important.

Especially if you want to avoid a lot of hassle.

And a butt-load of heartache.

And a scary big repair bill.

And a zombie apocalypse.

(OK – I lied about the zombie apocalypse. But the rest of the stuff’s true.)

So that’s why PC Health Advisor comes packed with so many tools.

It’s got everything you need to keep your computer healthy: and purring like a kitten.

So let me ask you:

Are you ready to give your PC some TLC?

Then all you gotta do is click a link to get your free PC health check.

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Requirements: WindowsR 8 (64-bit & 32-bit), 7 (64-bit & 32-bit), Vista (64-bit & 32-bit) or XP (32-bit).