Facebook users to participate on policing ‘misleading language’ news

Following the reveal of Collections, Facebook’s next step in combating fake news is to have its user base assist in the policing of news stories. To do so, the social media company is looking to implement a survey-style system that would allow users to decide whether or not the news story in question uses ‘misleading language’.

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This system was first spotted by Chris Krewson from the Philadelphia-based Billy Penn website. According the Tweet by Krewson, Facebook has implemented something called “Facebook Survey” that monitors some news articles on the News Feed.

The screenshot shows that the survey will ask the user “to which extent do you think that this link’s title uses misleading language?” Users would then be able to choose from five different responses, ranging from “Not at all”, all the way up to “Completely”.

facebook user voting

Considering the fact that Facebook’s fake news problem stems from users sharing unverified stories, the decision to ask its user base to vote whether or not a story is misleading seems to be counterproductive. Only time will tell if Facebook’s fake news problem can be tackled through user base participation.

Source: TechCrunch

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