Tips :You can run Java in Internet Explorer and Firefox

Today we’ll learn how to enable it for your browsers. Java is not supported by Microsoft Edge or the Chrome browser. But you can run it in Internet Explorer and Firefox.Yesterday, in part 1 of this tip, we looked at how to download and install Java.

After installing Java, open Internet Explorer, go to and click the link, Do I have Java?


Click Verify Java Version on the next page.


This triggers a message at the bottom of the browser window asking if you want to enable Java. Click Enable.


Here’s how to enable in the Firefox browser: Open Firefox and do the same, and a gray box appears on the page. Click the link to activate Java and a message appears with Allow Now and Allow and Remember. The first option, Allow Now, runs Java only once. Allow and Remember always runs Java whenever you need it.


Allow Now is the safer of the two options.

Both browsers will show a window like the following one, asking if you want to run the application. Tick the box, Do not show this again… and then click the Run button.


You can now use Java in Windows 10 in either Firefox or Internet Explorer.

~ Roland Waddilove

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