Changing Ribbon Tool Defaults

Tom wonders if there is a way to change the automatic format settings on some of the Ribbon tools. For example, the Borders button always defaults to a single underline, but Tom would like it to be bold borders on all four sides. Or, the default colors in the Fill Color and Font Color tools always start at yellow and red, but Tom would like other combinations as his default.

There are no settings in Excel that allow you to permanently change the defaults. Once you use the tool, the option you selected (such as bold borders on all four sides) should remain as the default for the rest of the Excel session, but the next time you start the program the real default settings come back into play. It seems that these default settings are hard-coded into the program.

To get around this type of issue, most people record or create macros that apply the desired formatting. The macros can then be assigned to a button on the Quick Access Toolbar or to a shortcut key. In this way, you could simply apply your preferred formatting with the click of a button (or the typing of a shortcut key), bypassing the built-in Ribbon tools entirely.