Been Given a New Android? Here Are the 10 Best Things to Do with Your Old One

When you’re given the latest model smartphone as a gift it’s hard to know what to do with your old one. Here are 10 ways to breathe new life into your old phone.

Been Given a New Android? Here Are the 10 Best Things to Do with Your Old One

There’s really no need to get out your box of old phones or add another to your collection dating back to the days of monochrome screens.

New Android phones have lots of advantages, but the old ones are still not ready to be chucked. Your smartphone’s called a “smartphone” for a reason.

Here are some alternative uses for your old phone:

1. An extra remote for your TV

Download the right app and your old Android mobile can become a remote for your Smart TV. If it’s got infrared (check) the smartphone can also be hooked up to music equipment and other devices.

2. A webcam / surveillance camera

Using your phone as a webcam is another useful trick. You could use it to keep an eye out for any intruders or keep watch on a nursery to check your baby’s safe and sound.

3. Your childs first phone

Smartphones can be used safely by children thanks to Google’s introduction of restricted profiles on Android 4.3. Different user profiles can be set up allowing you to configure the phone to only download age appropriate games and apps.

4. A retro-gaming console

With a micro-USB to HDMI cable the connection between a monitor and a smartphone can turn your phone into a console to play all types of games, from vintage arcade games to the latest ones available on PlayStation and XBox etc.

A blast from the past

5. A fitness device

Instead of taking your beloved new mobile for a run or to the gym, you can download fitness apps on your old smartphone instead. This prevents you from damaging your new phone if you have an accident or drop it on the floor. If you’d rather go out on your bike there are lots of apps available for you to install.

If youre into running there are lots of apps out there for you to try

6. Use it as a satnav

There are lots of satnav apps from Google and other developers to help you navigate while you drive. Why not use your old phone for a satnav? You can leave it in your car with the app ready and waiting to guide you to your destination. It can also work as an e-reader or a device to store your music collection etc.

All in one: your smartphone used as a GPS device

7. An extra Wi-Fi antenna

Your mobile can work as a receiver for your Wi-Fi signal from your router at home. You will need to root your smartphone and download an app though.

8. Use it to remotely access your PC

Access your computer using the VNC Viewer app. Just install the program/app on both your PC and your smartphone. This will give you access to all the files saved on your computer from your smartphone or tablet.

With VNC your computer can be reached at all times

9. The latest electronic diary

It might no longer be in use, but there’s no need to throw away your old device. If you’ve already got a diary don’t throw it away, you can keep adding data to it then save it to your new phone when you’re ready.

10. A testing ground for tech experiments

Use your old phone as your personal testing lab; experiment with apps you’re not too sure about and try them out before downloading to your new phone. You could even get technical and open up your mobile to learn about its inner workings – just remember one wrong move could end up making it permanently unusable.

Of course you could also donate your phone for use in a developing country where access to smartphones is limited because due to high costs. It’s always good to be able to recycle something old for a new purpose, especially if it still functions perfectly. Why not give it to someone else?