4 ways to speed up your laptop

If you want to speed up your laptop:

: then here are 4 ways to give it some oomph: including one simple solution.

The first way to speed up your laptop

: is to delete temp and junk files.

Because every time you use your laptop, it creates dozens and dozens of temporary files. And that’s on top of the files you create.

It also stores the files from every website you visit. Including the page code. The pictures. The background images. The sounds. The scripts. Etc.

And your laptop stores these files dozens of places throughout the hard-drive.

Believe it or not, it’s not unusual for these files to take up more than 1GB of your hard-drive.

And as these files build up, they start to choke and suffocate your computer. And this is one of the main reasons for a slow laptop or computer. In fact, if you don’t delete these files, your laptop will grind to a virtual halt.

So just deleting these files can breathe new life into your laptop in increase its speed.

The second way to speed up your laptop

: is by doing regular maintenance.

Just as a car needs regular maintenance, so does your laptop.

Things like defragmenting the hard-drive. Checking for, and fixing system errors. Finding and deleting duplicate files. Updating your device drivers to the latest version.

Doing these regularly will help speed up your laptop.

The third way to speed up your laptop

: is to tweak the system setting.

Other than gaming laptops and computers, most computers don’t come optimised for maximum speed right out of the box.

So there are dozens of system settings you can tweak to get more performance out of your laptop.

But be very careful if you’re not sure what you’re doing.

Because one wrong move and your laptop could be toast.

So tread lightly.

The fourth way to speed up your laptop

: is to let PC Health Advisor do the job for you.

It will delete all the temp and junk files.

It will give your computer a full service.

And it will tweak your laptop’s settings so it runs faster than when it was new.

And it will do all this with a few simple clicks. (So it’s perfect if you’re baffled by technology.)

It’ll do it fast, too. In fact, it’ll do in 30 seconds what it would take a computer geek all day to do.

So if you’re serious about speeding up your laptop, then give PC Health Advisor a go.

But before you get it, check out my PC Health Advisor review so you know it’s right for you.



P.S. One more thing: if you use PC Health Advisor once a week, it’ll keep your laptop up to speed and running like new: forever.