10 Metro Apps You Should Install on Windows 8

With the release of Windows 8 just around the corner, I thought I would write up an article on my favorite 10 Metro apps so far. I’ve been using Windows 8 for over 2 months now and the number of Metro apps in the Windows Store has really gone up! I’m sure there are going to be hundreds more released by the time October rolls around, but as of now, here are some cool Metro apps you can use on your new Windows 8 machine.

If you are using a different Metro app I haven’t listed here, feel free to post a comment and let us know why you think the app is awesome. Enjoy!


If you’re a Twitter user like I am, then MetroTwit is probably the best Twitter metro-style app for Windows 8. It’s gone a sleek interface and quickly lets you view your timeline, @mentions and direct messages.

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You can post a tweet easily and upload a photo or even take a photo if you have a web cam installed.

post tweet

You can also do searches on Twitter directly from the app, which is a nice feature since I like to follow a lot of topics on twitter.

search twitter


Like quotes? Who doesn’t! I’m a big fan of quote and it’s usually something I like to read in the morning before the day starts. Forismatic is a simple and beautiful app that displays inspirational quotes for you to enjoy.


You can also add a live tile to your Start Screen and view the quotes from there, so you don’t even have to open the app in order to get your daily dose of quote goodness.

live tile

Elements Weather Forecast

Another essential daily use app is a weather app. I mean you have to check the weather pretty much everyday right? May as well do it in style. Elements Weather Forecast is definitely the best weather metro app for Windows 8. It’s got full HD backgrounds, 7 day forecasts, hourly weather data, interactive maps, live tile support for your Start screen, sunrise/sunset and moon information for any location and lots more.

elements weather forecast.jpeg

What’s also nice about the app is that it can automatically find your location based via GPS, so if you a traveling, you’ll get the local weather forecast for your current location without having to type it in.

Word Search

Bored out of your mind or just need a break for working? Word Search is a fun game you can play on Windows 8 and it’s great because it snaps onto the side of the screen, you can play while having other apps open too.

word search

It has over 150 categories, easy, medium, hard and expert difficulties, and a global high score system so you can see just how badly you suck at the game.


This is a pretty sweet app if you like to cook a lot using recipes! My wife enjoyed looking through their recipes and the graphics will make anyone hungry! The app has well over 2,000 recipes and it has some nice features like a view mode that is easy to read from a distance.


For a free cookbook app, it’s pretty nice. I personally enjoyed going through the different cuisines and trying recipes from there. I bought a few cookbooks in my time, but never opened them more than once or twice. I’ve already used this one 5 times because it’s so fun to browse.


The Big Picture

Like to keep up with the recent news? Who doesn’t! May as well read the news while looking at some really awesome photographs. The Big Picture brings you the daily news from Boston.com in high definition photos from around the world.

the big picture


For sports fans, you’ll have to download the Sports app, which is powered by Bing. Unfortunately, there is no better choice at this moment, i.e. ESPN, Yahoo Sports, etc. I’m sure when ESPN releases their metro app, it’ll kick some a**, but at this point, Sports will have to do for you.

sports app

Overall, it’s not bad though. You get scores, headlines from around the sports world, team schedules, statistics, and team standings across the major sports.


Pretty much everyone nowadays has some kind of investment account. I have used Mint to manage my finances and it does a great job of keeping track of everything, but it’s not really that useful for investments. The graphs are always wrong and not very easy to understand. SigFig is a Windows 8 metro app that imports your investment portfolio from over 60+ brokerage firms and gives you all kinds of pretty looking and easy to understand graphs and data.


You can also use it to view stock data on any Dow or Nasdaq symbol and view major headlines for any company also. Overall, it’s a really neat app that is perfect for the new metro UI.

OneNote MX

If you need a nice note-taking app, OneNote MX from Microsoft is probably the best as of right now. Evernote does not have an app yet, so that could also be something I switch to when it comes out, but right now OneNote MX does an excellent job.

onenote mx

It also lets you write using a stylus and you can search all your notes using the built-in Windows 8 search. And you can access your notes via the web or via OneNote mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Music Maker Jam

I’m not really a music person, but I really enjoyed playing around with this app on Windows 8. It lets you quickly create music by combining various professionally created audio clips and adjusting the tempo and adding effects.

music maker jam

It also has an 8 track mixer, so you can really create some cool tracks. And of course it can access your music collection, you can load something from there and then mix songs and tracks.

So those are 10 fun and useful Windows 8 metro apps that I have been using a lot over the last few months. How about yourself? What apps do you like using on Windows 8? Let us know in the comments. Enjoy!