10 Gift Ideas for Gamers Under $10

While it isn’t necessarily difficult to get a gift for a gamer, there is no denying that some of the more popular gift options could get rather expensive.

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If you would like to get your gamer friend a gift, but you have a very strict budget to adhere to, here are some suggestions that you can get for under 10 USD.

1. Classic NES USB Controller

Is your gamer friend a Nintendo fan? If they are, the Classic NES USB Controller will be something that they’ll appreciate. Modelled after the Nintendo Entertainment System’s original controller, this USB controller will be perfect for those who like to relive Nintendo’s 8-bit era by way of emulators. [$9.99]

classic nes usb controller

2. Battle.net Authenticator

For those who know gamers that enjoy video games made by Blizzard, the Battle.net Authenticator would make an ideal gift. This dongle-sized device allows one to take advantage of the two-factor authentication system that can be found in Blizzard’s Battle.net online system. [$6.50]

battle.net authenticator

3. Funko Pops

If you’re a frequent visitor of various toy stores, chances are good that you’re familiar with the Funko Pops. These vinyl figures are available in various types and depict a huge number of characters from various popular licenses, which extends to games.

funko pops

4. Chessex Polyhedral 7-Die Set

Not all games are digital. In fact, some of the more popular games are board games, which needs no electricity to work in the first place. This is where the Chessex Polyhedral 7-Die set comes in.

This pack of dice is perfect for those who prefer games such as Monopoly and Dungeons and Dragons over video games. In this pack, you’ll find the regular six-sided die, as well as more specialized dice variants such as the D4 and the D20. [$9.98]


5. Soapstone

As far as gifts go, the Soapstone is really straightforward. It is a bar of soap, shaped like a Hearthstone that can be found in World of Warcraft. This gift is perfect for hardcore WoW players, as also acts as a reminder to clean themselves up before or after an extended raiding session. [$6.50]


6. Minesweeper Scratch Off Postcard

Want to send your gamer friend a postcard? Then why not use a game-themed one. This particular postcard is based on the (in)famous Minesweeper game which every Windows users would be well aware off. The real gimmick to this postcard is the fact that the recipient can choose to play a game of Minesweeper on it as the front grid can be scratched away. [$3.00]

minsweeper scratch postcard

7. Star Wars-themed Can Coolers

Keeping your energy drinks chilly during an extended gaming session need not be complicated thanks to these Star Wars-themed can coolers.

Available in three different motifs (Darth Vader, C3PO, R2-D2), these can coolers keeps your drinks cool while you keep your eye on the screen. [$9.99]

star wars themed can coolers

8. Video Game-themed Romantic Cards

Are you trying to woo someone who is a gamer? Then these video game-themed cards may just tip the scales in your favour. Sure the message on some of these cards may be cheesy for some, but gamers would highly appreciate the cheese factor on them. [$2.75]

video themed romantic card

9. Disc Dot Wall Mount

The Disc Dots are adhesive dots that sticks to your walls. Once stuck on a wall, you can then choose to have it hold a CD or DVD on it, and it is designed in such a way that it wouldn’t damage the disc. If your gamer friend is quickly running out of space to store their disc cases, this particular gift would prove to be useful. [$9.95]

disc dot wall mount

10. Mana and Health Energy Potions

So I cheated a little to get this particular item into the list, but it needs to be here. The Mana and Health Energy Potions are essentially energy drinks that are coloured red or blue to represent health potions or mana potions respectively. If your friend is an avid RPG player, this gift would be particularly effective. [$2.67 / bottle]

mana and health energy potions
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